I've learned in my journey with God, that there are a few dangerous things to ask Him. One of those things would be to say, " Lord, prune me."
Pruning is typically a hard and painful process. It's something that takes you being willing to give up whatever He asks, and really just drop on your knees before Him.

   That said, my heart is in need of pruning. I've found myself living in a state of "me me me", rather than a place of out pouring the love and joy which God has given me.

   I've been selfish. I've been jealous of people who have the things I want. I've been trying to pull myself together for my own selfish goals. I haven't been operating out of a place of love.

   Have you ever noticed that when you focus on truly loveing someone else, life starts lining up? And no, I don't mean using people as a distraction, but actually loving on them. Getting daily quiet time to fill up, and then pouring out on every person you come into contact with.

   Guys, I have my own goals and desires for my life and I get so focused on them.
 That's not God's heart for my life. He wants me to place my heart, dreams, and life in His hands, and then run after Him. I know for a fact that He made me to brighten people's days. He made me to be the smiling face, the word of encouragement, the sunny disposition. It's simple, and it rarely requires anything big from me. It simply requires me not being selfish. It requires me taking my eyes off my own life and turning them up to God.

   So I'm asking Him the risky question. I'm asking Him to prune me. In the ways I already see that I need, and also in the ways I'm unaware of. Because I want to grow. I want to flourish. I want to make an impact on the world around me. Even if I never get to see or experience the fruits of my labors.


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