Life the last few months has been a bit of a whirlwind. Mixed with struggles, change, and growth. I now have a different job, which I really love. It's not stressful, the environment is uplifting, and I enjoy the people I work with.

   This summer has been a lot about trusting God's timing, and honestly continues to be that way. I've been struggling (though not as hard as I should) to find deeper intimacy with my Daddy God. I've found that all my problems stem from a lack of intimacy with Him.

  I am currently on vacation visiting some of my favorite people, and I'm taking this opportunity to refresh. To use my down time to read, pray, and worship. To work on my relationship with Dad. Yesterday, I was reading a book and it made a point that shifted everything in my brain. It talked about the difference between living with a scarcity mentality and living with a mentality of abundance.

  I'm surrounded by people who's lives are coming together. They're finding their person, getting married, having kids. Whatever stage they might be in. I am truly happy for them, don't get me wrong, but there's a part of me that's jealous. A part of me that wonders if I'll get an amazing life. If there will even be anything left for me to have. I'm living with a mentality of scarcity. A mentality of abundance wouldn't think this way. It would realize that someone else's great opportunities and happiness doesn't mean that I have lost out.

  Wow. Realizing that, was crazy for me. So now, I'm working to shift my mindset. I'm praying into the renewal of my mind and heart. Jealousy isn't something I want to feel. I want to feel joy for everyone around me. Untainted joy. So here's to a lifestyle of abundance.

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