Hope: a desired expectation
   I used to think that hope was basically the same thing as wishing for something, but I've learned that a "wish" is far to flimsy to be compared to "hope". Hope has solid footing. Hope, while different goes hand in hand with faith. Faith is essentially trust. You can't hope for something without first having faith in something.

   I'm a hope filled person. I live my life in such a way that I'm hoping for things to come. The issue is, my hope is typically too focused on the thing I want to happen, and not placed in the one who will never let me down. So, when something changes and hope is taken out of a situation, I'm left in a place of despair. Instead of having faith in Abba, and hope for His desires for my life, I tend to have faith in what "I" can make happen, or faith in another person. Basically, building my house on sand instead of solid rock.

  It is my firm belief that God made me a person who hopes easily and passionately, for a reason. I don't want the harshness of the world to steal my hope, and I know that if I have to deal with heartache again and again, it will. That means, I need to learn to carefully place it on a solid foundation, and not one which will crumble and fall. Just something I'm learning and working on.

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