"We don't make fear based decisions"

  This week I had a conversation with an old friend. He was telling me about a scary thing that happened to him, and as a result, he wanted to say "I won't ever do ____ again.", but God Tom him, "No. We don't make fear based decisions."

  That shook me to the core. It wasn't the first time I'd heard someone say something like that, but it resignated with something that has already been churning inside me. 

  So much of my life has been fear based decisions. 
-my hatred of motercycles, because of losing someone close to me due to a crash. 
- the fact that I'm much more reserved and quiet, and less likely to do something new, when I'm with people I don't know well. 
- the fact that I won't drive a 4wheeler or jet ski. Only go along for the ride. 

  The list goes on. I'm afraid. Afraid of getting hurt. Or someone else will get hurt. Or someone will think less of me... You get the idea. 

  My life is fear based decisions. Do you know that a person misses out on a lot in life when they let fear be part of the decision making process. 

  Just something I'm thinking about/working on. 


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