We all have wisdom to give.

  I can't even tell you how many times I've sat down to write a post, and have not been able to get the words out. I'll have deep, personal things swirling inside me, and I want so badly to share, because this is my journey. I often have even thought through it before hand, pouring my heart out intricately, but when it comes to typing it out, sometimes I just can't. 

  I'm a bit of a conundrum. As y'all know, I'm introverted, but I'm also an incredibly open person. 

  I was raised, surrounded by people older than me. People who wanted to share their wisdom and opinion on things in my life. Most of these were unsolicited. I am still surrounded by people like that. It can be super annoying, but it taught me something valuable. 

  It taught me to be open with people. True, I tend to be a bit too trusting, but in many cases, my openness and willingness to trust has been helpful. 

  I strongly value mentor type people. I'm not even talking about someone who takes on the role of being your full time mentor. I'm talking about people who have wisdom and life experience. People who care enough to listen for a minute and help how they can. 

  I always seem to have something I'm dealing with, so I'm always on the look out for someone who has authority in that area. Someone I can open up to, and hopefully get a little piece of wisdom to help me grow. 

  In turn, I love to be the one listening and giving wisdom. I'm young, but I do carry wisdom, and because I've been taught to receive wisdom, I've also been taught the value of pouring it out. 

  That's really just the long way of me explaining why I love blogging. When I share my struggles, sometimes people speak wisdom into me. And when I share what I've learned in something, it's my way of giving wisdom out. 


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