Passions and efforts

  I'm reading a book called The Art of Work by Jeff Goins, and I had a revelation about myself and something I really want to do. 

  The chapter I read was talking about people who have passions/things they love to do, but they think that means that their passion should come easy. 

  I love music. I have been a singer since I was a baby, and worship is part of who I am as a person. That said, I don't know how to play any instruments or even harmonize. I've "tried" to learn before, but have never really stuck with it. That's silly, right?

  I think, because I've spent my life doing hard things I didn't want to do, I want the things I love, to come easy. 

  Growing up on a ranch, I worked hard. I never really wanted the ranch life, but I didn't have a choice. 

  It seems to me, that my way of controlling fun things in my life, is to ensure that the fun things are easy. 

  Even aside from the music things, there are many things that I truly enjoy, but I'm not very good at, because I quit trying when things get hard. (My one exception would probably be my relationships with people. I put a lot of myself and work into those.) I don't really have anything that I excel in. 

  This is a change I really want to make. 

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