Made to Be

  I had a unique opportunity of tasting mothering, this month. A few weeks ago, Becky's cornea was scratched by her 2 yr old, Briah. I took Becky to the eye doctor, helped with the girls, and made dinner for her. 
 The next day, Briah broke out into a high fever. Becky being injured, needed extra help. I even watched Briah alone one morning, experiencing for the first time, what sick baby cuddles felt like, and how heart-wrenching and helpless it feels. 

  I got to play mom/homemaker. I had a moment of emotional pain that it wasn't my life. Not that I literally wanted to be living my sister's life, but that I so badly wanted my own version of that life. 

  I've always known that I wanted to be a homemaker/wife/mom, but the desire had never been so real before. It's what I was made to be. It's my calling. 

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