When I ____, I feel His pleasure

Five things I'm passionate about

  1. Singing. I love it. It's one thing that I really can't not do. 
  2. Helping people. I can be incredibly selfish in this area, and only help when I want to, but I'm slowly uncovering the "why" behind that. Because especially when it comes to the family kind of way of helping, I really love it.
  3. Laughing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a very easy sense of humor. I find humor, and thus a way to laugh, in most everything. 
  4. Relationship. I love deep relationships. The kind where I can 100% be me with the person and it's just deep and safe. 
  5. God. He effects greatly how I live my life. He is my stability and my peace. He breathed new life into my lungs. He made me His saint. 


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